In other Sectors

For The Capital Partnership, a boutique Asset Management firm based in the UK with at the time US$1 billion of assets under management, developed a strategy for establishing their Middle East presence including location and operations.  Developed their strategic business plan and valuation of the business which was subsequently used to successfully raise finance through a private placement.  Company successfully completed a private placement. Its Assets under Management have since multiplied several fold.

For the National Marine Dredging Company, a public listed company in the UAE which specialises in undertaking dredging operations, CR led the financial and operational re-structuring of the business. Share price of this company subsequently increased threefold.

For Solving International, a leading supply chain consultancy, CR worked on an assignment for the Dubai Port Authority which was seeking to diversify and re-assess its strategy with regard to logistics and transportation.

For a family business in the UAE that separated its diversified interests in real estate, construction, pharmaceuticals and light manufacturing amongst its partners, advised one party on valuation and acquisition strategy, including the potential to enhance value through re-structuring, spin offs, re-financing and other means. Subsequently advised on restructuring and introduction of controls into the company and undertook certain interim management responsibilities.

For EMW-me, a Dubai-based total solutions provider in technology and a leader in the fields of unified communications, IT security, mobility, call center, converged infrastructure, data center & virtualization, CR provided strategic transactional and valuation advice on its potential merger and acquisition options.

For Ranya Contracting, construction contracting company in the UAE, CR identified a partner and arranged a Joint Venture agreement for them as part of its strategy to expand its scope and size of operations in the UAE

For Oger Telecommunication, a majority investor in an internet service provider (ISP) in the Middle East, undertook a strategic review of its various business entities, their financial status, management and operations and recommended turnaround plans. Role included overseeing the implementation of these plans on behalf of the shareholders and undertaking a valuation of the business.

For estarta, technology developer and integrator, CR undertook an independent review of one of its major projects in the region and reviewed the company’s operations and back office support mechanisms and recommended improvements.

For Aregon, an e-commerce and IT solutions and services provider, CR were appointed to the Board of Directors representing one of the investors.  Role included working with the senior management team on company strategy and operations management, and overseeing the delivery of projects in the company.  Assisted company in establishing a Joint Venture with a leading South African IT consultancy.  Company expanded its operations through acquisition and floated through an IPO

For Oger Telecommunication, a major shareholder in Telemobil (Zapp), a wireless telecommunications provider in Romania, CR undertook a review of the operations and procurement methods of the company and made recommendations for their enhancement.

For Leasing Solutions, a company in the vehicle leasing business seeking to raise private equity, CR developed its strategy and documented the business model, then performed a fair market valuation and supported the negotiations through to the successful raising of funds.

For Jordan’s Social Security Corporation, CR performed a fair market valuation of a business in the minerals extraction and processing industry for acquisition purposes.

For Al Hikma, a global pharmaceutical company implementing SAP, advised on strategic issues relating to the selection of implementation consultants and on wider implementation issues.